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Diálogo nº 3 - Inglês

- Good morning. How are you this morning?
- I'm just fine, thanks. And how are you?
- Fine, thanks. Are you a student?
-Yes, I'm. And you? Are you a student too?

-Yes. My name is Paula.
- What's your first name?
- My first name is Ana. My name is Ana Paula.
- I am Sara.
- What's your last name, Sara?
- My last name is Oliveira.
- How do you spell your last name?
- Oliveira. O - L - I - V - E - I - R - A.
- Nice to meet you too, Sara.
- Nice to meet you too, Ana.
- This is Tobias. He is my boyfriend.
- Nice to meet you, Tobias.
- Nice to meet you too, Ana.
- We are in the same classroom.
- Mrs. Patrícia is our teacher.

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