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Verbo to be: Presente - Inglês

Forma Afirmativa

I am (I'm)
You are (You're)
He is (He's)
She is (She's)
It is (It's)
We are (We're)
You are (You're)
They are (They're)

Forma Negativa
I am not
You are not (You aren't)
He is not (He isn't)
She is not (She isn't)
It is not (It isn't)
We are not (We aren't)
You are not (You aren't)
They are not (They aren't)

Forma Interrogativa
Am I?
Are you?
Is he?
Is she?
Is It?
Are we?
Are you?
Are they?

We are Brazilian.
I'm Brazilian.
Rafael is a teacher
He and I are Brazilian.
Amanda and Carlos are in the room.
The car is expensive.
They are my friends
Are they my friends?
I am the English teacher.
Am I the English teacher?
That is my friend Harry.
I am not happy.
This isn't my city.
That isn't your notebook.
They aren't sad.

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